Wisconsin, a Midwestern state well-loved for its cheese and its beer, is embraced on two sides by Great Lakes: Superior to the north and Michigan to the west. With a humid continental climate, the state’s seasons swing from hot, humid summers to harsh winters. An abundance of natural beauty and manmade wonders offer travelers more than enough to keep them busy throughout the year, indoors and out.

For outdoor summertime adventures, start with “The Dells” in South Central Wisconsin, the self-proclaimed waterpark capital of the world. Golfers flock to Lake Geneva or to Whistling Straits Golf Club in Sheboygan, with its famous “Pinched Nerve” hole. The course is one of the few to have attained…

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  • Mike K
    Wisconsin posted by Mike K 59 weeks ago

    Hey MapQuest: Might need some help with the geography. In your description of Wisconsin above, you state "Superior to the north and Michigan to the west." That would be to the EAST. Also, Wriggly Field is in Chicago - different state.

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