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West Roxbury is a neighborhood in Boston bordered by Roslindale to the north, the Town of Dedham to the east and south, the Town of Brookline and the City of Newton to the west. Many people mistakenly confuse West Roxbury with Roxbury, but the two are not connected. West Roxbury is separated from Roxbury by Jamaica Plain and Roslindale. It is often referred to as a suburb within the city. Founded in 1630 (contemporaneously with West Roxbury, Massachusetts was originally part of the town of Roxbury and was mainly used as farmland. In the 19th century, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale and West Roxbury were all called Roxbury. They were later divided up into different neighborhoods, so modern day West Roxbury is at the western edge of what used to be Roxbury in the 19th century.

West Roxbury's main thoroughfare is Centre Street, lined with local restaurants and commercial establishments… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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