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Los Angeles Union Station (or LAUS, formerly the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal or LAUPT) is the main railway station in Los Angeles, California. The station has rail services by Amtrak and Amtrak California and Metrolink; light rail/subways are the Metro Rail Red Line, Purple Line, Gold Line. Bus rapid transport runs on the Silver Line. Bus services operate from the Patsaouras Transit Plaza on the east side of the station and others on the north side of the station.

The station opened in May 1939, one of a number of union stations in the United States. It was built on a grand scale and became known as "Last of the Great Railway Stations" built in the USA. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. Since February 2011 it is in the ownership of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Union Station is located in the northeastern… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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