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Tremont is a neighborhood in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Tremont is one of the oldest parts of Cleveland, and is home to restaurants (such as Michael Symon's Lolita Bistro) and art galleries. The district sits just west of the Cuyahoga River and south of the Ohio City neighborhood. Tremont is home to numerous historic churches including Pilgrim Congregational UCC (founded in 1859), St. Augustine (1893), St. John Cantius (1898), and St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral (1912).

Tremont, was originally part of Brooklyn Township and from 1836 until 1854 was a section of what is now its sister neighborhood, Ohio City, when the latter was an independent town. Both were later annexed by the city of Cleveland, but Tremont remained 1867. During the early 1850s, the now defunct Cleveland University briefly occupied a section of Tremont, and in fact before being named Tremont the neighborhood… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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