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Tinley Park is a village located primarily in Cook County, Illinois, United States with a small portion in Will County. The population was 48,401 at the 2000 census, and 58,322 in the 2007 census. It is one of the fastest growing suburbs south of Chicago. In 2009, Tinley Park was selected by BusinessWeek as the best place to raise a family in America.

Records show that prior to European settlement, the area was primarily occupied by the Potawatomi tribe.

Settlement of the area which now comprises Tinley Park began in the 1820s by emigrants from the Eastern United States. German settlers became predominant in area by the 1840s, and the village was originally established in 1853 as "Bremen". Irish, English, Scottish, Canadian, and other American settlers were also common in the area. Excerpted from Wikipedia

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  • Hilary K
    Tinley Park, Illinois posted by Hilary K 3 weeks ago

    Tinley Park sounds beautiful! I think my sister has visited there before. Does Tinley Park have a pretty big population? www.obrien-dental.com

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