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Sawtelle ( /sɔːtɛl/) is an area partly within West Los Angeles, California, that may refer to (1) a district that is part of the city of Los Angeles, (2) an unincorporated area of the County of Los Angeles that by definition is not part of the municipality of Los Angeles, or (3) may refer to a combination of these, sometimes known as the Sawtelle area. The name "Sawtelle" has also been used to refer only to the Veterans Administration Hospital and former veterans home, which are sited on the region of unincorporated land west of the San Diego Freeway. The entire Sawtelle area includes portions of Zip Codes 90049, 90064, 90025, and all of Zip Code 90073 (a "P.O." Zip Code within the 90025 area, used exclusively by the West Los Angeles Medical Center/Wadsworth V.A.). The community was initially established in 1899 and named after a manager of the Pacific Land Company… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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