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The historic town of Saguache ( /səwɒtʃ/ sə-woch) is a Statutory Town that is the county seat and most populous town of Saguache County, Colorado, United States. The population was 578 at the U.S. Census 2000. Convicted cannibal Alferd Packer served time in the Saguache County Jail.

The name Saguache comes from a Ute language word meaning "blue earth" or "water at blue earth". The word shares a similar root and pronunciation with Saguaro (cactus). The Spanish language version of this name is usually spelled Saguache, while the English language version is often spelled Sawatch.

Saguache is located at 38°5′14″N 106°8′29″W / 38.08722°N 106.14139°W / 38.08722; -106.14139 (38.087104, -106.141510). Excerpted from Wikipedia

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