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Quail Springs Mall is a super regional shopping mall and trade area located in far northern Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It contains four major department store anchors, a 24-screen AMC Theatre, and a total of 130 tenants comprising a total of approximately 1,128,000 square feet of gross leasable area. The mall is the focal point of a large area of recent residential and commercial development, and is located very close to one of Oklahoma City's most notoriously congested and difficult intersections, West Memorial Road and North Penn Avenue.

Architect William Pereira designed the original building. The mall underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation during 1998 that brought several exterior updates, completely redesigned the mall's interior style into an Oklahoma prairie theme, updated the lower-level food court to a 1950s drive-in design, plus added the 24-screen AMC Theatre adjacent to the… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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