Located in Central Arizona, Phoenix—Valley of the Sun—is a destination for sun-seekers who stream into the state’s capital to unwind and rejuvenate in the natural landscape. The desert climate and accessibility to open spaces create an ideal environment during much of the year for those who wish to escape colder climates and thaw out in the Arizona sun. Phoenix attractions often center around the outdoors: golfing, tennis and hiking. But the city also offers a buzzing nightlife and huge shopping scene.

Phoenix is a haven for shoppers, reflected in the number of prime shopping destinations and malls. Upscale Phoenix shopping attractions include the Biltmore Fashion Park, an elegantly designed…

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Reviews, Comments, & Tips

  • Stanley Mills
    Phoenix, Arizona posted by Stanley Mills 39 weeks ago


  • GM
    Phoenix, Arizona posted by GM 44 weeks ago

    A must eat place is Freddy's Frozen Custard. By far better then In/Out Burgers. I drive 360 miles every month just to have one. You'r not going to believe it. Even managers will come by the table and refill your drinks too. I'm heading out in 2 weeks…

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  • Billie G
    Phoenix, Arizona posted by Billie G 48 weeks ago

    3½ hour to the North (in answer to Monica)

  • monica
    Phoenix, Arizona posted by monica 50 weeks ago

    how far is the sky walk from Phoenix

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