For the sheer number of people walking around in giant, cartoon-like heads 365 days a year, no other city can compare with Orlando. But this popular vacation destination in the Sunshine State is more than just a playground for children (and adults) who hum ditties between bites of fluorescent cotton candy.

When the sun is shining, Orlando is alive with locals and travelers mingling at a number of world-famous theme parks. But the city outside park gates has plenty to offer on its own. Orlando’s downtown arts district marks the spot where visual and performance arts intersect. The area teems with galleries, and provides year-round entertainment with storytelling, gallery hops and block…

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Reviews, Comments, & Tips

  • Angela C
    Orlando, Florida posted by Angela C 36 weeks ago

    It was alright. NOT enough time there, but the best part was I got to take care of my Cousins 3 1/2 months preemie baby that was born way too early and his sleep machine NEVER went off on me once I got there and I was only 18 and it was going off 50-…

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  • Lillie P
    Orlando, Florida posted by Lillie P 63 weeks ago

    Would like to set map quest local to Winter Haven, FL 33884? How do I do this?

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