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The Miracle Mile is an area in the Mid-Wilshire region of Los Angeles, California, consisting of an almost two-mile (3 km) stretch of Wilshire Boulevard between Fairfax and Western Avenues, and the surrounding neighborhoods (including Park La Brea). Other cities have given the name of Miracle Mile to linear shopping districts, including Tucson, Arizona; Coral Gables, Florida; Elmira, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; St. Louis Park, Minnesota; Fontana, California and Stockton, California (see disambiguation at Miracle Mile).

The Miracle Mile District is bordered by the Fairfax District on the north, Hancock Park on the northeast, Mid-City on the southeast, West Pico on the south, and Carthay on the southwest. The district's boundaries are roughly 3rd Street on the north, Highland Avenue on the east, San Vicente Boulevard on the south, and Fairfax Avenue on the west. Major thoroughfares… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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