Kansas City

Pioneers and soldiers, jazz musicians and cattle ranchers, traders and Native Americans would come to define Kansas City. In 1804, legendary explorers Louis and Clark approached the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, deeming the towering bluffs and bedrock cliffs an ideal spot for a fort. Settlers soon followed, establishing the area as a trading post and, in 1850, founding incorporated Kansas City – named for the Kansa tribe inhabiting the Missouri River. By then, the dust of wagon trails stirred through town as adventurers rolled westward, along the Oregon, California and Santa Fe trails. In the 1860s, the Civil War era enveloped the city with “Bleeding Kansas,” as citizens…

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  • frank.gibbs
    Kansas City, Missouri posted by frank.gibbs 15 weeks ago

    8201 Noland Road Kansas City, MO is no longer Kansas City International Raceway. As of March, 2012 this property belongs to the KCMO Parks and Recreation Deptartment and is being converted into a community park.

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