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Fenway–Kenmore is an official neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. While it is considered one neighborhood for administrative purposes, it is composed of numerous distinct sections (East Fenway, West Fenway, Audubon Circle, Kenmore Square) and in casual conversation are almost always referred to as "Fenway," "Kenmore Square," or "Kenmore." Furthermore, the Fenway neighborhood is divided into two sub-neighborhoods commonly referred to as East Fenway/Symphony and West Fenway.

Fenway is named after the Fenway, a main thoroughfare laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted. As of the 2010 Boston Redevelopment Authority Census, Fenway–Kenmore's population was 40,898, while its land area was defined to be 1.24 square miles (3.2 km2).

Fenway is a neighborhood bounded on the south west by Mission Hill, the Back Bay Fens is in the center of the neighborhood, Columbus Avenue… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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