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Eastlake High School (ELH or EHS), in Chula Vista, California, United States, is a four-year high school which opened on September 8, 1992. The school is located near the eastern edge of Chula Vista in the neighborhood of Eastlake, a suburb located south of Downtown San Diego. The movie Bring It On, was partially filmed at the school's football stadium.

The Ruth Chapman Performing Arts Center, located on campus, is used by many people in the community for plays, church services, and other community performances. In addition, the school features an observatory and an engineering department, with classes ranging from Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) to Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) to Digital Electronics (DE), which has led to the formation of a Botball team and a FIRST Robotics team. The library on campus is shared with the community after school.

The mission of Eastlake… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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