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Downtown San Diego, also referred to as Centre City, is the city center of San Diego, California, the eighth largest city in America. In 2004, the Centre City area itself had a population of more than 28,000. Downtown San Diego serves as the cultural, financial center and central business district of San Diego County.

The city of San Diego was originally focused in Old Town near the Presidio. In 1850 William Heath Davis and four partners purchased 160 acres (65 ha) of land in what is now Downtown San Diego, believing that a town closer to the waterfront would attract more trade. They laid out a street plan and built a wharf and warehouse, but nothing much came of their planned development.

In 1867 Alonzo Horton purchased 800 acres (320 ha) of pueblo lands in the current Downtown area, and in 1869 he added Davis’s 160 acres (65 ha) to his holdings; the area was referred to as the Horton… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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