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Downtown Orlando is the historic core and central business district of Orlando, Florida, United States. It is bordered by East Marks St in the north, Mills Ave in the east, Orange Blossom Trail (US Hwy 441) in the west, and Kaley Ave in the south. There are five enclaves in downtown; "Uptown" in the north around Lake Ivanhoe, "Lake Eola Heights" and "Thornton Park" in the east around Lake Eola, "Parramore" in the west, and the "Central Business District" (or the "Financial District") between Colonial Dr and Lake Lucerne in the center. In 2008, the estimated population of downtown is 22,230. The daytime population is estimated to be 72,500. The 5 mile radius population of downtown is 265,100.

Downtown Orlando is the economic heart of Central Florida. It is home to residential and commercial towers, local and state government… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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