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Downtown Anaheim, also known as Anaheim's Colonial District , is the administrative and historic center of Anaheim, California. Unlike most big city downtowns, Downtown Anaheim is not the economic heart and focal point of this city. The economic heart and focal point of Anaheim and Orange County is the adjacent district just south of Downtown Anaheim--the Anaheim Resort District, which includes the Disneyland Resort and the Anaheim Convention Center. Another prominent district located south east of Downtown Anaheim, and adjacent to the Anaheim Resort, is the Platinum Triangle District.

The Downtown Anaheim Skyline consists of the Bank of America Building and the Wells Fargo Building, which are both over 10 stories high. Other high-rise buildings in Downtown Anaheim include City Hall, West City Hall, the AT & T Building, the Anaheim Memorial Manor, and the Kraemer Building. Anaheim… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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