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Del Rey (Spanish for "Of the King") is a small district in the Westside of Los Angeles.

Del Rey takes its name from the nearby Del Rey salt marshes, and sits on low ground on the banks of Ballona Creek. Del Rey's boundaries are approximately Washington Boulevard to the northwest, Admiralty Way (to the south-southwest until the Marina Expressway and then Lincoln Boulevard on the southwest until Ballona Creek to the southeast, and McConnell Avenue on the northeast and then Moore Street past Beethoven. Adjoining the district are Marina del Rey and Playa Vista on the southwest, Mar Vista on the northwest, Culver City on the northeast, and Westchester on the southeast. The San Diego Freeway (I-405) runs through the northeast corner of the district, and the Marina Freeway (SR 90) runs through its southern portions. Although it is part of the city of Los Angeles, a large portion of… Excerpted from Wikipedia

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