The geographic heart of Colorado lies between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Western Plains: rugged land once traversed by ranch cowboys and Native Americans. Outdoor enthusiasts and nature-lovers flock to Aspen and Vail for skiing, Pike's Peak in Colorado Springs for mountain-climbing and Breckenridge for hiking, all just a scenic drive from cosmopolitan Denver.

Four national parks and wilderness areas preserve the state’s natural beauty. With 355 miles of trails and abundant wildlife, Rocky Mount National Park and Estes Park draw visitors throughout the year. Travelers can spend the day photographing wildflower meadows, unwinding by an alpine lake or observing lumbering elk in the…

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  • Inge
    Colorado posted by Inge 59 weeks ago

    I did NOT ask for Colorado, I would like to receive something about CHICAGO

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    Colorado posted by David A 72 weeks ago

    all you have done is lead me around in i circle keep the circle to your self i will delete any information you send me

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