Ol’ Blue Eyes claimed one could, “lose the blues in Chicago,” but with all due respect, Mr. Sinatra, Chicago tourists may not want to lose them at all. From powder to navy, and in all their musical implications, the blues are the key to a great time in the “Second City.”

Ride the rails of Chicago’s “El” (short for “elevated” train) on the blue line straight downtown to start the day off right at Lou Mitchell’s. Serving the best breakfast in town since 1923, Mitchell’s Belgian malted waffles and fluffy jumbo omelets get travelers fueled up to take on nearby Michigan Avenue, home to some of the city’s best shops and sights.

Along the avenue, noteworthy museums abound. Don’t miss a stop by the…

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Reviews, Comments, & Tips

  • curtisarcher
    Chicago, Illinois posted by curtisarcher 62 weeks ago

    i love chicago..been there a lotta times..great place to hangout.

  • ruitao l
    Chicago, Illinois posted by ruitao l 65 weeks ago

    wonderful +1

  • Barbara C
    Chicago, Illinois posted by Barbara C 66 weeks ago

    This sucks tremendously....I do not live in Chicago...... I live in Yuba City Ca........ It wont let me change my local area......

  • alma
    Chicago, Illinois posted by alma 66 weeks ago


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