As the capital of Massachusetts, the unofficial center of the New England region and one of the nation’s first cities, Boston is a major cradle of U.S. history. Covering slightly less than 50 square miles of land, the city is situated on an East Coast harbor that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Boston was officially founded in 1630 and swiftly developed into a hub of commerce and culture, and later marked the front lines of the American Revolution.

Today, despite the modernity represented by its world-class academic and medical institutions, Boston’s deep history remains in plain view. Examples of American architecture—Colonial, Federal and Victorian, in particular—are plentiful and have much…

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  • rk.inventful
    Boston, Massachusetts posted by rk.inventful 6 weeks ago

    Roads are like 3rd world with respect to Pot Holes....I don't want excuses anymore...

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