In a state that oozes traditional Americana, Texas’ state capitol of Austin proudly rebels with its slogan, “Keep Austin Weird.” Where lawmakers convene in lively political debate, musicians converge in the self-proclaimed “live music capital of the world.” Music types vary just as much as the bands and the venues themselves. Whatever music moves your soul—country, jazz, rock, punk, Celtic, bluegrass, R&B or classical—an Austin band is playing it somewhere.

Situated on the Colorado River, Austin forms a triangle with San Antonio to the southwest and Houston to the southeast. Three man-made lakes offer plenty of venues for outdoor play.

On the south side of town, enjoy the hike-and-bike trails…

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  • eileen p
    Austin, Texas posted by eileen p 63 weeks ago

    Try Cenote, on Caesar Chavez just east of i-35 for coffee or sandwiches. It's on the corner of Medina, just after you cross 35.

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