Although it spans a mere 61 square miles of land, the nation’s capital has the distinction of housing the most important landmarks in the nation, along with the federal offices of the three branches of government. Located along the Potomac River on the East Coast, between Maryland and Virginia, the District of Columbia is often referred to as simply "D.C." or "Washington."

Washington, D.C., is divided into four areas (northwest, northeast, southeast and southwest), and many of its neighborhoods exude a distinctive culture and character. Georgetown, home to Georgetown University, is a polished northwest section that draws shoppers to the boutiques and antique shops along…

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    Washington, DC posted by Mark's Collectible Beer Steins and Mugs 98 weeks ago


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    Washington, DC posted by 24sevencart.com 118 weeks ago

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    Washington, DC posted by dressshopgo 128 weeks ago

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    Washington, DC posted by DaveH 132 weeks ago


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